Monday Course In Miracles

We just have to be willing to forgive. 
Let's make forgiveness a spiritual practice. Let's start with ourselves! 


Single Mom Thriving: Mick Mulvaney have you ever spoken to a single mom?

In the recent news cycle the White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, says our country cannot ask a single mom from Detroit to pay for PBS.

I have to ask, " Mr. Mulvaney, Mr. Trump and the entire White House, have you ever spoken to a single mom from Detroit?

Have you ever spoken to a single mom from anywhere in the USA?"

Evidently not.

If you had spoken to even one single mom, you would know that tax dollars spent is not on our radar.

PBS isn't even on our radar.

Raising children is on our 24/7 radar.

Go ahead cut free lunches, cut PBS, cut health insurance.

Cut everything you think single moms do not deserve.

We single moms will still raise our children seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

And we will do a fine job.

Single Moms create leaders.

Leaders in our schools, leaders in our commuity and one of the best leaders of our country.

 Please do not pretend you are doing single moms a favor.

Many single moms left abuse that looks just like what you are doing.

You use your power to make your hurting look like helping.

Us Single Moms are on to you.

We are a tough bunch.

You won't take us down!

Mr. Mulvaney and Mr. Trump,

Stop pretending your budget supports single moms.

Because it doesn't.

It only supports you.

Many blessings,

Peace and love,


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Course in Miracles Monday

Seek not outside yourself. For it will fail. ACIM

Outside of yourself may help a wee bit.

It will be a distraction.

A maybe timeout.

But it will not heal or lead to growth.

Go within.

There is your answer.

Go get quiet.

Go dance to your favorite song.

Go be with someone you love.

Get outside.

Look at the sky.

Hug a tree.

Say thank you.

A million times.

Your answer is within.


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