Grateful for the many gifts

   It is already December 4th and  I have yet to buy one present. That is so unlike me. Usually by this time my closets are brimming over with presents and the UPS truck is making frequent deliveries.

I am no Scrooge and  I am not suffering from the Holiday blues. Rather I am basking in the many gifts I already have and am receiving and giving in each moment.

I would prefer to spend my evenings sitting by the tree with my children talking and laughing as opposed to hitting any store. I am relishing in my early mornings sipping my coffee in the quiet by the lit up Christma tree. That certainly trumps online shopping.

I am astounded by the gifts that come to me just by noticing them. They are all priceless and cannot fit into a box. So before I shop for any presents I am going to bask in the gifts of being present.

Joy to You,
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Feng Shui & Abundance

One of my many joys is teaching others how to utilize the principles of Feng Shui in their home. The beauty of Feng Shui is that it doesn't matter where you live. You can enhance the energy of a studio apartment in the same manner as you would a mansion.

The major principle of Feng Shui is to only surround yourself with things you love. That means getting rid of clutter. Any time you clean out a cabinet, drawer or even closet you are enhancing the energy of your home. Remember, if you want wonderful things to show up in your life you have to make room for them.

If you are intending to increase your abundance, the first step is to clean out.

The space in your home that is associated to abundance is the farthest left corner of your home from your main entryway.  Go to this place in your home and try the following FengShui Tips for Abundance:
   *Clear out all clutter.
   *Clean till it shines
   *Hang pictures of anything that symblizes abundance for you.
    *Make sure there is nothing broken in the area and that there is nothing that reminds you of bad times.


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Voting for LOVE

I will be voting today and I sincerely hope you will be too. I am honored to live in a country where I am allowed to vote. I'm honored to live in a country where it is okay for you and I to be voting differently.

This is the seventh Pesidential election that I have had the honor of casting my vote. This time, however, my vote feels more powerful and more poignant.  The difference isn't due to the popular stance of picking one side and hating the other.  I haven't taken that route. This vote is so poignant and powerful because I am voting with love in my heart. Love for those who choose to vote as I do as well as love to those who chose to vote differently than me.

In the big picture of life who you choose to vote for and who I choose to vote for doesn't change the one fundamental truth:You and I are both children of God as are all of the candidates.



A Daily Spiritual Practice

Many of the great spiritual leaders suggest that everyone commit to a daily spiritual practice.

The term itself creates images of sitting in yoga poses for hours on end. The good news is, it is not that. A daily spiritual practice is something you do everyday to quiet your mind.

Personally, I like having two daily practices.  One in the evening and one at night. I call them the book ends of my day.

In the morning,  I drink my coffee outside. I  also read from A Course In Miracles, write and pray.

Before I go to bed I write a short note of gratitude.  If there is something on my mind I ask God to take it so I can sleep.

 In total, this is less than one hour out of the 24 hours I have each day.

However, it is the most well spent hour of the day.  It puts me in a peaceful place. When I feel peace and joy I am more able to share those gifts with everyone I meet.

I encourage you to try something to do each day that will quiet your mind.  Even five minutes in nature everyday has the power to change the world.


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It is November already. The days are starting to get shorter. The air is turning cooler. The leaves are finishing up their glorious color festival and like the perennials in my garden, I can feel myself going deeper to nourish my spirit.

The Holidays have yet to rev up the atmosphere and before they do I invite you to humble yourself into gratitude.

I have found that a spirit of gratitude changes lives. In many ways it has changed mine. Times when I am nervous about paying bills, I am grateful for the bills I can pay and  and all of the other ways I am abundant. Times when I am scared I remember all of the times I overcame obstacles and am grateful. Being outdoors and being grateful for the air on your face, the color of the trees the brightness of the sun can lighten any mood.

Live today saying thank you for every thing, and  every person that shows up.

Blessings in gratitude,

The Most Important Time Of Day

The way you spend your first moments of waking up sets the framework of your day. Do you wake up to a loud beeping or soft music?

Do you say to yourself,"UGH! Morning already?" And then begin to think of all of the million things you have to get done.
Do you say to yourself, "I'm so excited. Today is going to be a great day." And then lay in bed for a few minutes feeling grateful.

It is a simple shift of attitude and it will shape your entire day for the better.

September Resolutions

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I really believe they are a formula for failure. However in  September when the first of the sunflowers arrive in my garden, I begin feel a change within myself and an eagerness to create something new. These are always the resolutions I keep.

 It seems to me January resolutions are about will; Septemer resolutions are about authentic wants. The beauty of autumnal resolutions is that no one else knows we're making them. Autumnal resolutions don't require horns, confetti or champagne. September resolutions as only that we be open to change.....Sarah Ban Breathnach

A New Day

Morning Glories are one of my favorite flowers because their beauty only lasts for a day. Each morning new blossoms emerge to replace the ones that passed the day before. Morning glories are one of Mother Nature's reminders that every day is a new chance to bloom.

New Beginnings

When the first 'back to school' items started showing up in stores, I averted my eyes and let my flip flops slap the floor a bit louder than usual as I headed to the sunscreen aisle.

Back to school? No way! We are still hitting the beach.

When the back to school advertisements started permeating every media outlet, I just mosied out to the pool in my bikini determined to make summer linger for as long as possible.

This morning however, there was no hiding from it. I needed a sweatshirt for my early morning run. My toes were cold as I walked barefoot in the kitchen. There are red and gold leaves floating in the pool.
A child of mine confessed his boredom.

Summer is fading.

Although I will savor every last bit of her beautiful gifts, there lies inside of me a giddy bubble. The giddy bubble that only September brings, New Beginnings