A New Day

Morning Glories are one of my favorite flowers because their beauty only lasts for a day. Each morning new blossoms emerge to replace the ones that passed the day before. Morning glories are one of Mother Nature's reminders that every day is a new chance to bloom.

New Beginnings

When the first 'back to school' items started showing up in stores, I averted my eyes and let my flip flops slap the floor a bit louder than usual as I headed to the sunscreen aisle.

Back to school? No way! We are still hitting the beach.

When the back to school advertisements started permeating every media outlet, I just mosied out to the pool in my bikini determined to make summer linger for as long as possible.

This morning however, there was no hiding from it. I needed a sweatshirt for my early morning run. My toes were cold as I walked barefoot in the kitchen. There are red and gold leaves floating in the pool.
A child of mine confessed his boredom.

Summer is fading.

Although I will savor every last bit of her beautiful gifts, there lies inside of me a giddy bubble. The giddy bubble that only September brings, New Beginnings