Grateful for the many gifts

   It is already December 4th and  I have yet to buy one present. That is so unlike me. Usually by this time my closets are brimming over with presents and the UPS truck is making frequent deliveries.

I am no Scrooge and  I am not suffering from the Holiday blues. Rather I am basking in the many gifts I already have and am receiving and giving in each moment.

I would prefer to spend my evenings sitting by the tree with my children talking and laughing as opposed to hitting any store. I am relishing in my early mornings sipping my coffee in the quiet by the lit up Christma tree. That certainly trumps online shopping.

I am astounded by the gifts that come to me just by noticing them. They are all priceless and cannot fit into a box. So before I shop for any presents I am going to bask in the gifts of being present.

Joy to You,
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