I divorced my husband after 17 years of marriage and became a single mother of three children under 8. My mother died the following year after a long battle with Alzheimers. Three years later my father died, within days of being diagnosed with cancer.

My father's death was the impervial straw that broke the camel's back and I fell apart. I felt lost, scared and so very alone in the world. In my heart and mind  I felt LOVE had left me.

However, through the help of an amazing therapist and coach, through my own prayer and meditation and through my journey through the grief, I was able to slowly unwrap the gift of loss:

                                                 Love is always loving you.
                                                        -H.W.L. Poonja

I never lost love. Love was always and will always be inside of myself just as it is inside of you. The love my ex husband and I shared will never go away. It simply changed form. The love my parents have for me will never go away either. In fact, somedays I feel their love for me more than when they were on earth.

Nothing outside of ourselves can never change the truth. We are all love. Love is loving you and me right now regardless of any outside force.

Need some help tapping into your own radiant love. I would be honored to help. 

Appreciating The Weather

The weather sighs in gloominess. The rain the ice and the wind are all pummeling the landscape out of my office window. I want to join in the gloominess of it all and close the curtains. Yet if it weren't for days like today, Monday's landscape wouldn't have been so glorious.
Like most of us living in New England, I am craving the sunshine and looking forward to warmer days ahead. Yet I also want to love the rain because she makes this possible:

It won't be a long wait. Winter always becomes Spring.

I would be honored to guide you in the road of transformation. Contact me  or (207)361-7453

The Little Things

 As is true in all of life, the little things make the biggest difference.  I have found that the seemingly small actions I commit to on a daily basis have a direct effect on my happiness. My day goes more smoothly. I appreciate more. I serve better. I love more.

When I make excuses not to do these simple tasks, life seems hard. I get rough on the edges and I feel struggle.

Committing to daily rituals lays the foundation for joy.

My foundation:
1. Daily writing freely 1500 words. I used to do three pages in my hand written journal but typing on a computer made it more 'work like' and uber important.
2. Moving my body in a fun way. I love running but toss in other fun ways to move so weather is never an issue.
3. Doing something extra loving for myself. I am a single mom raising three kiddos solo. Being loving to me makes me more loving to them; my number one priority.
4. Meditating and prayer.Morning and night. I use the Course of Miracles for my morning meditation and a gratitude journal before I go to bed.
5. Keeping the kitchen counters and sink clean.
6. Making my bed.

Life is good.

Back to the Basics

I have learned much in these past 11 years raising three children on my own.

One of the best self learned lessons is how to respond when a child is on my radar. We  have all been in the zone when we know 'somethin' just aint right' with one child or another. Our momma radar becomes on high alert. The hunch kind of makes sleep difficult. With no other parent available,  the monkey mind goes on a picnic feeding us with every worst possible scenario. Panic sets in. Guilt follows. Tears may come when nobody is looking. Then we feel very very small and question our ability to parent.

I have been there over and over again. Somewhere in the feelings of small and incompetent I attempt prayer, meditation and taking care of me. Then I remember: Back to the Basics.

Back to the basics:
1. Food
2. Sleep
3. Fresh air/exercise

These three basics have worked from ages 2-17.

Back to the Basics brings back the equilibrium, ends the drama and the solution presents itself.

Next time you, single momma or married momma  feel your child is off, go back to the basics. Take an honest look at your food intake and your child's food intake. Go to bed earlier and make sure your child does too. Go outside and move with your child. Do something special for YOU.

Then and only then the solution presents itself.

And once again you are back to feeling big and competent.