Beginning Again

 Life often presents itself with perceived obstacles that holler, "I am too busy!"

 One thing is erased from the to do list.

Then the voice inside gets louder, " I am really busy!"

Another thing gets erased from the to do list.

The voice seems to get louder and louder and suddenly all of the things that you do to care for yourself seem to vanish in thin air. They disappear under the guise of busyness and exhaustion sets in.

The exhaustion, the crankiness and the overwhelm has little to do with the busy and everything to do with the choosing. Taking care of myself is the best use of my time. Choosing to do the things that inspire me makes me more efficient and present in every area of my life.

The paradox is life herself.

So I am back starting once again on this blog, because it is never to late to begin again.