Baby Steps

I love making to do lists. I make them every week and then break them down into daily to do lists. It is a wonderful tool that makes me feel like I have life under control.

There is just one small problem with my wonderful to do lists.

 I don't always complete them.

Just for kicks I looked back into my notebook of to do lists from early spring. Two items on that list are on this weeks list, four months later.


I had a good chuckle at myself. Then I reverted to what I know is truth. There will never be an entire day that I can devote to these two tasks. I can however devote little bits of time to these monstrous chores and eventually they will be completed. I changed my list and for as long as it takes, my to do list will read:


Baby steps always get the job done.

The timer is set.  Off to the basement I go.


The Best Teachers

The best teachers are the ones we are trying to teach. I  learned that lesson in my 18 years of motherhood. Now I am learning it again in training this adorable guy, Jackson.

Lately Jackson has been teaching me about the importance of treats. With the promise of a treat, Jackson has learned to sit, lie down, roll over, and stay. Today, with treats in my fanny pack, my adorable pup ran two miles with me.  Treats and praise was all it took.

After my run, I started thinking about carrying my own fanny pack filled with Virginia treats and self praise as a way to accomplish new things. Here is what I am packing.

    *Lots of positive self talk and reminders that I am loved.
    *Gentle words when I mess up.
    *Doing things I love which I  call Virginia treats. They are Virginia treats because they are things I love to do.
                  -Cutting flowers from my garden and creating beautiful bouquets.
                  - Cleaning out a  shelf in a closet,
                   - Putting on a favorite song and dancing around the kitchen.
                    -  Pulling weeds from the garden.
                    -Framing pictures
                   - Taking time to create a delicious lunch.

What treats are you willing to pack as you accomplish new things?



The Magic of Love

     Single parenting has been the most joyful and the most challenging aspect of my life these past twelve years. As the teen age years  roll by I have hit many a parenting snag. I have had moments of sheer exhaustion and gulping sobs. There have been times where I honestly did not think I could make it one more day or hour or minute of this crazy journey.

     Times like these I call on my co parent, God. To Him I bring all of my worries, frustrations and self pity. I write it all out, every last morsel of how I perceive what is going on with my kids. I hold nothing back. Getting it all out then leaves room for something else to come in. Peace and Calm.

     In that peace and calm I hold my child/children in my heart. I simply bask in all that is perfect about him or her. I remember all of the love and  the laughter we have shared. I even talk to my child in my heart telling him/her how very much I love them.

     Always, each and every time, I do that something shifts and life seems to get back on track.

     It isn't magic. It is simply love. When I choose too see my children with loving eyes they become more loving.


I locked myself in my office late this morning to attend to some much needed paper work. Paper work that has been placed on the back burner since school got out back in June. The lapse of time and my procrastination made a fairly simple task quite mind boggling. Instead of simply plowing through I found myself going further and further into negative self talk.

My thoughts went something along the lines of, "Why did you put this off?" "You should have done this sooner." My self judgment was brutal.

Then as if by some telepathic intuitive knowing my daughter came into my office with, "I made this for you. I love you mom."

                                                 Fresh Veggie & Cheese Omelette

Alone Time

When I flipped the calendar over to August this morning this quote greeted me:

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that's where I renew my springs that never dry up.
                                                           Pearl S. Buck.

As I meditated on the words, my eyes filled with tears and my body suddenly felt overwhelmingly weary. The 24/7 solo, summer parenting of three teenagers had taken its toll. I needed time alone!

I put on my running shoes, grabbed my bikini, towel, water and sunscreen and announced to my crew that I was heading the beach ALONE!

I ran. I swam. I snoozed in the sun and swam some more.

My springs have been renewed.