Mondays Course In Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading, writing and meditating using The Course In Miracles as my guide. Each Monday I post a quote.

The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. See it not as outside of yourself, but shining in the Heaven within, and accept it as the time of Christ has come.

My daily spiritual practice includes reading A Course in Miracles. Each Monday I post the day's lesson.

All things are lessons God would have me learn. ACIM

Monday's Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading, writing and meditating with the Course in Miracles. Each Monday I post the day's lesson.

The peace of God is shining in me now. Let all things shine upon me in that peace, and let me bless them with the light in me. ACIM

The Power Of A List

I was expressing to a dear friend of how alone I felt in dealing with a current situation. It is a common theme in my single mom life and it paralyzes me each and every time. The thought," I can't do this all alone,"  freezes my mind and  deflates my heart........Not the best way to create positive results.

 After hearing me out, my friend lovingly suggested that I make a list of everything I have accomplished 'all alone' in these years of being a single parent.

What a genius idea!

Reading my list immediately lifted my heart.

I can't do this all alone suddenly became I CAN do this.

Nothing about the situation changed. I am still in the midst of dealing with it and some of it is cruddy, yet looking at my list of accomplishments has given  me courage and hope and a 'you go girl' attitude.

I invite you to do the same. Make a list of everything you have accomplished and let it serve as a reminder to how strong you truly are!

Monday's Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating with the Course in Miracles. Each Monday I post the day's lesson.

I will be still an instant and go home. ACIM

Friday's Feng Shui:Two Super Powers

I am dedicating Friday's blog to all things Feng Shui. I love utilizing Feng Shui in my own life and in my coaching practice.

Last week I wrote about clutter. Please know, ridding our homes/minds/hearts of clutter is no different than how our body rids itself of waste. It is a daily practice.

Our homes have two super powers. The two places that crave the most attention are the entry ways and the bedroom. These super powers let the energy in our home and  let us rejuvenate every cell in our body. Front doors and bedrooms matter!

 Do whatever you can with whatever you have to make your entry ways sparkle.
 Put something in the color scheme of reds in your doorway.
 Make a curve or turn with plants or rocks or (again) with what ever you have for the entrance. Try to make sure there is no straight line to your door.

Make your bed.
Make it beautiful in any way you can.
Get rid of all electronics, exercise equipment or anything work related. If this cannot be done, cover them with a pretty blanket or a pretty something.
Put a plant in there.
My personal favorite: Fresh flowers in my bedroom at all times.

To my front door in the summer with my thumb blocking the road. AHHH!

Monday's Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating  with the Course in Miracles. Each Monday I post the day's lesson.

       Let all things be exactly as they are. ACIM

Friday's Feng Shui: Start with the clutter, 10 Tricks

I am dedicating Friday's blog to all things Feng Shui. I love utilizing Feng Shui in my own life and in my coaching practice.

Feng Shui is a 3000 year old Chinese practice of how our environment effects us physically, emotionally and spiritually. The goal of good feng shui is to arrange your space so energy can flow freely. While the principles of Feng Shui are important. They are not as important as to how you feel in a particular room and how your space is being utilized. I once had a ping pong table in the middle of my living room. It was perfect feng shui because my family spent an entire winter playing together.Feng Shui is not a one time fix because life is always changing and energy is always shifting.

As I have stated in a previous blog posts, getting rid of clutter is the most important aspect of Good Feng Shui.

10 Tricks to Getting Rid of Clutter

1. Keep the kitchen counters clean.
2. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Clean something. Stop when the buzzer rings
3. Make your bed
4. Something goes out before something comes in.
5.Before you leave a room look back and see if you can pick up.
6. A place for everything
7. I keep a red basket in the kitchen for stuff I can't deal with at the moment. I go through it every week.
8. Teach your children to pick up after themselves. (But know 80% of the time they won't ha)
9. Take baby steps. Tackling your entire house in a day will overwhelm you.
10. Take time for yourself. Clearing out brain clutter and filling your soul is the most loving act you can do.

A Present From God

I love September. For me it symbolizes new beginnings.

This year the new beginning has hit especially hard as I am adjusting to having my eldest away at college. Much of my thinking is of days ahead and the questions swirl in my brain.
               "What will it be like when E goes to college?"
                "What will it be like when S goes to college?"
                "What will it be like when I have an empty nest?"

The thoughts that follow are both exciting and scary. I plot and plan and then change my mind and plot and plan and change my mind as I think of my future life. Today as I was out running with those thoughts rushing through my head.

I stopped.

I love setting goals and creating a vision of how I want to live. We all need to do that. However all of those thoughts were taking me away from now.

                                                 Now is our present from God          

Monday's Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating with A Course of Miracles. Each Monday I share the day's lesson.

Creation's gentleness is all I see. ACIM

Robbing time

When I was in my 20s, I remember my dad reminiscing about years gone by. It was just the two of us sitting in the living room together. He was telling me stories of when my nine older siblings and I were small children.

His eyes glistened as he stated, "Those were the best years of my life, Gin-Gin."

His sadness bothered me. I wanted my dad with me at that moment, not lost in days gone by. I simply couldn't wrap my 20 year old brain around then being better than now.

I dropped my eldest off to college last week.

My emotions have been all over the place. I have spent many hours reminiscing of years past. I am guilty of feeling just as my dad did 30 years ago. As I look at all of the pictures of us on the walls I wonder, "Were those really the best years of my life?"

Memories are tricky and selective. Pictures are snapshots of  happy times.

Then is not better than now.

Looking back can be fun, but too much looking back robs time to appreciate now,

Monday's Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating to The Course in Miracles. Each Monday I share the days lesson.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I. ACIM

Mondays Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating with the Course in Miracles. Each Monday I share the days meditation.

I will receive whatever I request. ACIM

Mondays Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating on A Course in Miracles. Each Monday I post the lesson of the day.

I judge all things as I would have them be....
  He will relieve us of the agony of  all of the judgments we have made against ourselves, and re establish peace of mind. ACIM

Mondays Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating on a Course in Miracles. Each Monday I share a lesson from the course.

There is no room in us for fear today, for we have welcomed love into our hearts. ACIM

Mondays Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading and meditating on A Course in Miracles. Each Monday I share a lesson from the course.

God's healing Voice protects all things today. 
       Your healing voice protects all things today and so I leave all things to YOU. I need be anxious over nothing.  ACIM.

My day started with such angst yet holding on to these words in faith brought me back to my center.

I am me and that is ENOUGH

When I first became a single mom, I spent many sleepless nights worrying about my children's futures.  I was paralyzed in fear with the same question swirling around my head, "How can I be both mom and dad?"

Then one night I was startled awake at 3 a.m. with the answer. "I cannot ever be mom and dad."

The relief was immediate. I am enough.

 I finally let go of the notion that I had to be something more than me in order for my children to thrive.

I finally let go of the fear that my single mom status was going to damage my children.

I finally let go of the idea that parenting teens was going to be too scary as a single mom.

I finally embraced  I am enough.

Holding on to "I am enough" when life gets hard, parenting feels scary and overwhelming has made all of the difference.

Mondays Course in Miracles

Some of my daily habits have taken a back seat these past months due to watching a whole lot of:

Some of  my daily habits have taken a back seat while feeling proud and shedding a tear or two at:

                                                         NEXT STEP: COLLEGE

                                                          NEXT STEP: HIGH SCHOOL
Some of my daily habits have taken a back seat these past months creating this:

While it has been quite a busy, fun filled, emotional few months, the one habit that hasn't changed is my daily spiritual practice. Those 20 or so minutes each morning keep me centered and grounded in love.

Today's lesson:

Today Belongs to Love. Let me not fear. ACIM

Choose Life

In her book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, Bonnie Ware lists not choosing happiness as one of the top five regrets.

I do believe happiness is a choice but is so much more than that. Our lives aren't meant to be all sunshine and roses. We all travel through dark times.  How does one choose happy in those moments?

We can fully appreciate the joy when we honor the uncomfortable feelings that ebb and flow. We can't run from grief or anxiety or anger  and expect to just be happy. Oh sure we can paste a smile on our face and start reciting affirmations in our head all day, but that doesn't bring joy. That just makes the feeling creep up in other ways, sometimes even as an illness.

Some of the most joyful moments in my life came after I met  pain head on.

I was the first person to enter the funeral home at my mothers wake. When I saw her in the coffin something primal jolted me and I ran out the door and down the street sobbing. My sister was waiting for me as I turned back. We comforted eachother and then had one of the most memorable belly laughs of my life.

The day my father died I remember riding a wave at the beach and feeling so free and joyful even though my heart was heavy and my eyes were puffed and red from all of the crying.

Perhaps the biggest regret isn't not choosing happiness but in not choosing life. When we choose life we open ourselves to it all and then the joy bursts open.

Monday's Course In Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading A Course In Miracles, writing and meditating. Each Monday I share the lesson from ACIM.

God goes with me wherever I go. ACIM

This is one of my favorite lines. As a single mother of three teenagers, I can often get caught up in the story of being all alone. This line reminds me that I am never alone and that the feelings of being all alone are simply a call to pray.

Here's us during the early years of singlemommyhood:

Spring Colored Glasses

When I look outside at the melting snow, the mud, the brownish green grass, and the many things I never picked up before the snow fell, my heart skips in joy. The knowing that spring is arriving makes my soul sing, and my step lighter.

As I was admiring the many sprigs of green in my garden and noticing just how much snow had melted since yesterday, I had an AH HA moment.

                 To the naked eye, all of this dirty snow, murky grass and mud is actually quite ugly.

                         It is beautiful because I know that soon it will burst into gorgeous colors.

If I can have that much trust in my landscape and my perennials why can't I have that much trust in my own life?  What if  my inner landscape of  muddy, dull, 'forgot to take care of '  were signs of spring too?  What if I didn't put those things on any kind of a timetable but simply helped the process with the absolute knowing that something beautiful would follow?

                     Even better what if we all saw ourselves through the lens of 'spring is coming' ?


Kahill Gibran's Words On Children

I have been thinking of and praying for each of my children more often than normal. Nothing is wrong. They are all healthy. Yet, they are teenagers and each one is in a space of tremendous growth. My role as parent feels vague. I listen. I love. I pray. I try my best not to worry. I get frustrated and snarky. I try to keep my sense of humor and I love more.

This morning I pulled out The Prophet, by Kahill Gibran and reread for the millionth time his words on children. The last four stanzas spoke deeply to me:

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent fourth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;

For even as he loves the arrow that flies so He loves also the bow that is stable.

Monday's Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading The Course in Miracles, writing, meditating and praying. Each Monday I share the day's lesson from The Course.

Today I seek and find all that I want.. ACIM.

I kept that thought in mind as I headed out to walk my puppy.  Yes it was sleeting.  Yes I had to wear my winter walking gear. Yes winter in spring is getting tiring.

Yet I found all that I wanted:



Monday's Course In Miracles

 My daily spiritual practice consists of reading from the Course in Miracles, writing and meditating. Each Monday I share the daily lesson from the Course.

 After my mornings meditation I received some sad news. An amazing, inspiring, full of life woman that I had the honor to know passed away yesterday. She was such an inspiration to the world with an ' F you cancer, I am still alive' attitude. News of her death derailed me.

My default button kicked in. That button signals: "Do anything but feel the real feeling."

So I moved into frantic picking up, putting away, walking the dog, and sloppy exercise. Attempt number one to begin writing failed.  So I organized files, made a few phone calls and tried writing again. I failed again.

Learning that this amazing woman has left this world is extremely sad. I can do sad.  The fact that cancer even exists is maddening. I can do angry.

 Many people I have loved, up close and from afar,  have left this world. I have felt crippling sadness and anger. Yet sadness and anger are the easy ones. Those are the ones we can so readily talk about and act upon and the world understands. What the world doesn't want to hear and what I hate to admit is that

Death makes me feel vulnerable and scared.

It makes me ask, " What is the point?"

It makes me fearful of my children's every movement.

It makes this whole impermanence in life scare the bejeesus out of me.

 I didn't want to post today's lesson in The Course with  fright hanging out in my heart.

So I went back and opened the book randomly.

I do not believe in coincidence.

I DO believe in Miracles.

Here are the words I was gifted with:

I Rest in God....this thought will carry you through storms and strife, past misery and pain, past loss and death and onward to the certainty of God.  ACIM

With my vulnerability, my fear, my anger and my sorrow I can rest in God. HE is permanent.

Ann Murray Paige's message of love, hope,joy,and  F you cancer is permanent too. Love never dies.


To Dos Day

I went to bed Sunday night with a long list of things I HAD to do for Monday. Sometimes writing it all down the night before deters the occasional 3 a.m visitor that startles me awake for no apparent reason with a running list of everything I need to get done that day. It is not a welcome visitor as it rarely allows me to go back to sleep.

For whatever reason (the moon, the planets, the dog snoring), writing that list didn't keep the 3a.m. jolt awake visitor at bay. So I embraced it,  made tea and did some writing then dozed off on the couch until my children's alarms went off.

 I was dragging through the day with a running mind script like,"You should be getting more done. You shouldn't feel so tired. So what if your head hurts. You need to get this stuff done."

Jackson came into my office and plopped a tennis ball  at my feet. Happy for the distraction, we played some fetch and then we laid on the couch.  In the peacefulness of rubbing his belly, I got to thinking about my to do list and how I allowed that silly pile of words to enslave me rather than serve me.

I ended up taking a nap with my beloved pup.

To Do lists, while useful tools, can easily become another sneaky way to be mean to ourselves.

Last night when I wrote my To Do list, number one in capital letters read:

Be kind to Virginia

Mondays Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading A Course in Miracles and meditating on the days lesson. Each Monday I share a meaningful quote from my daily reading.

Try not to shape this day as you believe would benefit you most. For you cannot conceive of all of the happiness that comes to you without your planning. ACIM

That quote has made my 'over planned' Monday so much more peaceful. I even took some quiet moments thinking of this:


Being Brave

I posted this beautiful quote/picture by Maryann Radmacher on my facebook page today. I have been thinking of its significance all day. In my quest to be brave this year, I have
 overlooked the daily acts of bravery. I have succeeded in being courageously honest with my feelings. I have taken some risks but I have spent many hours berating myself for not roaring enough.

This quote reminds me as I hope it reminds you, that real courage is in the simple act of showing up for yet another day or another moment as who we are. So I will keep trying in this moment and the next. I invite you to do the same.


Mondays Course of Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading the Course of Miracles, and writing and meditating on the day's lesson. Each Monday I share the lesson of the day.

To give and to receive are one in truth. I will receive what I am giving now. ACIM

The lesson calls us to offer peace to everyone in the quiet of our minds throughout the day. As we offer that peace to others it naturally returns us.

 I offer you peace and comfort and joy.

Let It BE

I have been wrestling with a decision. I tend to look at all sides of a situation before I make an assessment. It is a wonderful trait. However like all wonderful traits, it is a double edged sword. All of my thinking, worrying and obsessing got me at the wrong edge of the sword. Suddenly this decision became the focal point of my brain. During my morning exercise I heard this song, by The Beatles:

There will be an answer Let it Be.

Let It Be means stepping away from this decision and trusting that my answer will come in the perfect time. 
Let It Be reminds me that nothing productive or wise EVER comes from a place of worry.
"Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom" sounds like advice from my mom.

So for now, I am leaving this decision on the shelf and when my monkey mind brings it up, I'm going to sing LOUD with The Beatles.

Let it be. Let it be.

In times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me singing words of wisdom
Let it Be.
There will be an answer let it be.

Monday's Course of Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading The Course of Miracles, meditating and writing in my journal. Each Monday I share the day's lesson from The Course of Miracles.

          I will step back and let Him lead the way. ACIM

I truly needed to read and reflect on these words today. In my often chaotic 'single mom with three teenagers and a puppy' life I forget that I am never running the show alone. I have a story  in my monkey mind  telling me I am in this journey solo, but when I get quiet and breathe, I remember.  God is guiding me along. I just have to step back and let Him.

Loving What Is

I am hanging out with a virus. Fever, chills, aches, congestion and a cough have visited. At the first sign I gave a great big F you and carried on with my activities. At the second sign, I took a couple of advil, upped my vitamin C and carried on.  Finally there was no more denying it but I still cursed, worried about my to do list, and fought.

As Katie Byron says, " You can argue with what is. You will be wrong 100% of the time but you can still argue."

Somewhere in the midst of a feverish night, I just stopped fighting it. I relaxed in the pain of it all.

I remembered being a little girl with horrible headaches. I used to look at my headaches  from afar, and I would color those headaches in my favorite colors of pinks and yellows. Sleep always came.

I brought that smart little girl back into this fifty year old woman's mind and  colored my aches, my congestion and my cough. Sleep came.

Today I made all of the phone calls necessary to relieve me of anything other than rest for a (gulp) COUPLE of days.

The world didn't end.

I am feeling a tad better.

I am going to go back to bed.

Guessing tomorrow will look a bit like this:

I won't fight that either.

My kids can shovel the driveway.

Loving what is.



When I was a mom with little ones I was always taken aback with comments like,"These are the best years of your life,"  "Enjoy them while they are little," or the all too famous, "Ha! Just wait until they become teenagers."

I vowed to never be like that when my children grew up, which at the time, seemed like an eternity away. I vowed to enjoy my children forever, even as teenagers and to never wish for days gone by.  For the most part I have.

But lately as I round the corner into the kitchen, I sometimes stop in my tracks and stare in awe.

I simply cannot wrap my head around the passing of time. I sometimes close my eyes and recall memories of the 18 years between those two pictures. I have even shed a tear or two.


Monday's Course of Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes reading from the Course of Miracles, meditating on the day's lesson and writing in my journal. Every Monday I share the day's lesson.

               Let me NOT see myself as limited. ACIM

It is so easy to get caught up in scarcity thinking without even knowing it. After I read today's lesson, I realized my day began with scarcity thinking.

My first thought of the day," I didn't get enough sleep."

We are constantly bombarded with messages of not 'enoughness'.

Not enough money. Not enough time. Not enough weight loss or weight gain. Not enough toys.

Today's lesson erases the not enoughness. The scarcity thoughts are simply the basic fear of not being enough. But you are enough and I am enough wherever we are in this very moment.

                                                  Let me NOT see myself as limited

Fridays Feng Shui

Since the start of the year, I have been clearing out stuff. I can already really feel a shift in my energy and the excitement of something new coming in. When I get like this I want to go on a rampage through the house. I have tried that before and it NEVER works. I end up making more of a mess than I started with and I get bored with the project. So I am giving myself fifteen minutes a day. I even set the timer.

As I sort through the stuff I ask myself these questions:

1. Do I love it?

2. Do I absolutely need it?

3. How does it make me feel?

4. Do I have another one?

5. If it is broken, when will I  to fix it?

6. Is there someone in my life who would treasure it?

The process goes fairly quickly and when the buzzer goes off, I take my no longer loved things to the garage for next week's dump run.

             It feels so wonderful to only have my most treasured possessions on display  and to have space to display new treasures like this picture I took the other day.


Friday's Feng Shui

I utilize many aspects of Feng Shui in my coaching practice as I know from experience that our surroundings have a direct correlation with what is happening in our lives. The most important principle of Feng Shui is clearing out clutter. However, clutter never really goes away, especially when you are raising children. I am okay with a creative mess due to projects and homework and busy teenage life but when it gets out of control I feel like a mess.

To keep my sanity in the midst of the chaos, everyday I do these three things. First, I keep the kitchen counters clean.  I am actually embarrassed to admit to how much happiness a clean kitchen brings me. Secondly,  I make my bed every single day and I  keep my bedroom pristinely clean. I am a single mom of three teenagers, my bedroom is my haven. Thirdly I really try hard to make my children responsible for picking up their own stuff.

Okay number three is a work in process.  However, I am much kinder about their messes when the counters are clear and I can escape to a beautifully clean bedroom.

Mondays Course of Miracles

Let me recognize my problems have been solved. ACIM

I love todays lesson. It reminds me of the countless times a solution to my perceived problems arrived once I stopped fretting over them. It is a lesson I seem to have to learn and relearn time and again. Nothing useful ever comes from a place of worry and angst. Creative solutions and ideas are born from a place of peace and joy.


A word for 2014

As I was setting my intentions for 2014, I decided to look back to my intentions for 2013. It struck me that they were quite similar and I imagine they were quite similar in 2012 and 2011.

I know it doesn't take a genius to realize that most New Year's resolutions rarely come into fruition yet I wanted a guiding light entering into 2014. I wanted something to lean into for all of 2014.

Then I found this by Robert Holden, one of my favorite authors. I didn't need an entire laundry list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I only needed a word.

I looked at my intentions from years gone by that kept repeating and my word for 2014 became crystal clear. 2014 is about me being BRAVE.

In the words of Brene Brown, "Courage starts when we show up and let ourselves be seen."

Hello 2014


Mondays Course Of Miracles

The Christ in you is very still. He knows where you are going and He leads you there in gentleness and blessing all the way. ACIM

The kids are back at school. It is a new year. Life is resuming a new normal and there is so much to be done. This line from A Course of Miracles soothed me. We are never alone.