Feng Shui Friday: An Outdoor Room

The bagua map teaches that all areas of your home symbolize an area of your life.

Not all houses are built with perfect lines and thus many times areas are extended to the outdoors. As I've mentioned, my home has a screened porch jutting out the back middle. Thus both my love and marriage gua and my abundant blessings gua are out doors. I have enhanced those areas on the adjacent inside walls as well as outdoors.

I decided to up the game and give a face lift to the love and marriage gua, which is where we have a fire pit.

As always I started with an intentions, "Love surrounds me at all times."

Then I raked and cleaned out the debris I never picked up before the winter set in. Yes even Feng Shui experts are human.

A strong teenager, many rocks, a few bags of mulch, a string of Christmas lights and my favorite outdoor furniture resulted in this.

We discovered this rock. Serendipity.

Remember Feng Shui is pronounced FUN Shway. Have fun making your home a mirror to your wonderful life.

I am having so much fun helping clients use the tools of Feng Shui. If you want to join the Fun email me at virginiamccormack05@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Whimsical Wednesday

Begin. Today.

Carpe diem .
Live as if it was your last day.
You only have right now.
You only live once.

We have heard these sayings so much they have become cliche. The meaning is real. Because, like it or not, none of us are getting out of here alive. 

So how do we make today the only day?

You know that thing you have been wanting to do; The book you want to write.  The stronger body you long to have. The relationship you want to repair. The water colors you want to play with. The dance class you long to take. The thing that lingers in the back of your mind. The thing that you convince yourself you  don't have time to do. 

Start it.  


Take one small step in the direction of your dreams. Today.

Write for thirty minutes or even ten.
Take a walk or dance around the kitchen,
Make the phone call.
Go to the store and buy the paints.
Sign up for the dance class.
Just begin. Today.

When man takes one step toward God, God takes more steps toward that man than there are sands in the worlds of time . - The Work of The Chariot.

Once you begin, things seem to magically happen. The walk becomes a jog. The writing sessions become a story. A relationship is repaired.The paints become art.  One dance class leads to another.

You just have to begin.  Today.

And keep beginning on every TODAY you are given.

Monday's Course in Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes studying A Course in Miracles. Each Monday I share a quote from the text.

God's will for me is perfect happiness. ACIM

Feng Shui Friday: The Home Office

Your home office is a powerful room, regardless if you work from home.  This room is about organization and wealth.

In my practice I have seen many home offices that serve as a storage unit with boxes of old files scattered on the floor and stuffed into closets. Such disorganization blocks wealth.

So as always step one is to declutter and scrub clean.

In your journal answer these questions:
    How do I bring value to the world?
    What gifts am I not sharing with the world?
    How do I define success?

Enhancements for your office space:

Place your desk in the power position. Power position means you have a clear view of the door and your high back chair is against a wall.

Make sure your office space is far away from your bedroom.

Make sure you have a pleasant view from your desk.

Keep all clutter at bay. I spend 10 -15 minutes cleaning off my desk each day.

Live plants enhance the air in this room and can have a positive effect on your productivity.

Decorate the space with your accomplishments, awards. pictures of mentors and inspiring quotes.

Pay close attention to the far left corner. That is your abundance area. Hang something on that wall that symbolizes abundance to you.

Remember Feng Shui is pronounced FUN Shway. Have fun making your home a mirror to your wonderful life!


Planting Seeds

On a beautiful 60 degree Sunday in March. I decided to garden. The soil was workable. So I added  compost and planted lettuce, arugula, spinach, onions and snap peas.

I planted seeds in March, in Maine.

I felt like a rock star. I felt like a miracle had occurred.


We got not one, not two, but three more snowfalls and temperatures dropped to below freezing

At the first snowfall I thought, "I should have known better than to plant so early. Maybe they will survive."

At the second snowfall I thought "Oh how stupid!  Planting all of those veggies in March. You live in Maine."

By the third snowfall I just laughed and remembered how much fun I had on that warm late March day.

Planting seeds is never a mistake. Sometimes we are in such a hurry for results we plant seeds when the time isn't right. The seeds are just reflections of what we want to grow in our lives.

Mistakes happen. We try new things and sometimes they don't work out. I had no idea we were going to have  three early spring snowfalls. I could have speculated, but I was right there in the moment doing what I love to do.

Being in the moment takes courage and living from your heart often involves setbacks. But that doesn't mean we should give up. I am certainly not going to give up gardening just because of that one mistake.

I replanted my early vegetable seeds just the other day.

Just as I replanted seeds in my heart in my morning meditation.

I trust both the garden in my heart and the garden in my yard will bloom.

Inspiration From a Mud Puddle

I take a picture everyday as a way to help me look at the world in a more loving way.  I often take pictures in my own yard because in the words of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz,

If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again I won't look further than my back yard because if it isn't there I never really lost it to begin with.

 My back yard picture was NOT inspiring. In fact it was quite depressing.

Then I adjusted my looking and my picture came out as this:

                             How we choose to see things makes all the difference in the world.

We all have mud puddles in our lives and every moment isn't always sunshine and roses.However even in the ugliness we can choose to find beauty right where we are.

                           Even mud puddles can be gorgeous we when look at them differently.

Monday's Course In Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes studying A Course in Miracles. Each Monday I share a quote from the text.

Seven Sentences That Sum Up Coaching Success

 Some of my favorite client quotes also sum up why coaching works.

These are seven of my favorite sentences.

"I never looked at it like that."
     Reframing is the cornerstone of my work. It is easy to get mired up in our own story of the way things are.  Often just a small tilt of perception opens up new solutions that you didn't know existed.  It is always how you look at it.

"I caught myself in the middle of trash talk and was able to turn it around it seconds."
      Trash talk is the gremlin ego that wants so badly to convince you that you are flawed. We all have it. The trick is to notice it when it is happening and to turn it around. This is a skill that needs constant practice. It is also one of the frist lessons I teach clients.

"My home feels so nurturing that I love coming home"
        My coaching practice includes utilizing Feng  Shui fundamentals. I believe your home mirrors your life and I help clients create a home that is inviting and nurturing.

"I really don't have to be perfect."
  Amen! Perfection blocks success. Nobody is perfect at anything. Good enough is  good enough!

"By putting myself first, I am taking better care of my children."
     We all know the airplane theory: Your mask goes on before your child's. Living it is another story, because there is so much to do as a mom. However committing to even one small act of self care each and every day makes a huge difference.

"My mind isn't so foggy now that I got rid of the clutter in my closet."
     Holding on to stuff we no longer need or want truly has a negative effect on our lies. Clearing out has immediate positive results.

"I actually believe in myself."
    I believed in you the moment we met.

Monday's Course In Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes studying A Course in Miracles. Each Monday I share a quote from the text.

Monday's Course In Miracles

My daily spiritual practice includes studying  A Course In Miracles. Each Monday I share a quote from the text.