Watch on Wednesday: Taming the Angry Monster.

We all get angry.  We all have let that anger get the best of .

What if there was a better way or even a healthier way to deal with anger?

Watch and see.


Monday's Course In Miracles

In quietness all things are answered and every problem quietly resolved. ACIM

Watch On Wednesday: Getting off the thought train wreck.

Welcome to Watch on Wednesday.

We all do it. We all get caught up in the scary thoughts that lead to the Thought Train Wreck.

Next time try this.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for watching.

Love and Blessings,


Coaching Packages

Transitions in life are stepping stones to something better. Yes. Those stepping stones are a bit rough.  All growth is uncomfortable.

The real work isn't about the next step.

The real work is about changing your mind about yourself.

Once you get clarity on your perfection, anything is possible.

I have created coaching packages to help you gain that clarity regardless where you are on your journey.

       Three Month Coaching Package
       *12 sixty minute phone coaching sessions
        *Email summaries of our 12 sessions
        *One email check in per week.
        *Text check ins as needed                                                                                                                


     I AM IN
            One Month Coaching Package
           *Four sixty minute phone coaching sessions
            *Email summaries of our four coaching sessions
            *One email check in per week

         One Month Sample Coaching
               *Four thirty minute phone coaching sessions
                *Four email summaries of our four sessions

          One Month Email Coaching
     *Eight emails tailored to you

Contact me here for your free consultation.

Monday's Course in Miracles

There is no peace except the peace of God ACIM

Watch On Wednesday

                            You CAN make a difference.

Monday's Course in Miracles

This is the day of peace. ACIM

Friday's Feng Shui: 12 Ways to Boost Your Abundance

One of the most asked Feng Shui questions applies to receiving more financial abundance.  The principls of Feng Shui offer some wonderful tools to open yourself up to more abundance in your life.

  1. Go to the Abundance are of your home (far left) and deep clean it. Make that area sparkle.
       2. You can read my post on enhancing the abundance gua here.

       3. Clean out your wallet and purse.

        4. Clean the far left corner of every room in your home.

      5. Make sure something that symbolizes abundance is in the abundance corner of every room.

     6. There are two super power rooms, the entryway and your bedroom. Enhance those two areas. You can read the post here.

     7. Set time aside each day to reduce your clutter. Even just 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference.                                           Only keep what you absolutely love.

     8. Be more generous. Nothing boosts a spirit more than generosity. Giving and receiving are the same energy.

     9. Watch your thoughts and your words. Try to change scarcity thinking to receiving thinking.

     10. Be grateful for what you already have.

     11. Make noticing abundance a habit. This time of year all you have to do is go outside and see everything in bloom.

     12. Most importantly,  remember : YOU ARE ABUNDANCE!



Watch on Wednesdays

I have tried something new!

Each Wednesday I will be posting a video.

I wanted to wait until I got better at it.

I wanted to wait until I understood every iota of the technology of it.

I wanted to wait until I invested in better video equipment.

Then I remembered.

When we wait for the then we never get to love now.

I loved making this video.


I think this will be my picture for the day.

Much love,

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Monday's Course In Miracles

Prepare yourself for miracles today.