Monday's Course In Miracles

This Day is God's. It is my gift to Him. ACIM

Twenty Ways To Enjoy The Remaining Four Weeks of Summer

It appears that summer is coming to a close. Schools are about to start.  Fall sports have begun preseason. College kids are heading back or starting out.

However  summer, sweet amazing summer, doesn't officially end until September 21st.

Four weeks remain to:

1. Hit the beach, a lake or a local swimming hole. If you wait until early September, (not Labor day weekend)  you will have the place to yourself.

2. Go see a sunrise. The days are getting shorter so you won't have to wake up as early.

3. Enjoy the amazing fresh produce from your garden or from a local farmer's market.

4. Be outside every chance you get. Make being outside a priority.

5. Visit gardens and/or spend more time in yours.

6. Hit the summer clearance racks and buy that summer outfit you longed for back in May.

7.  Replace that dried up planter you forgot to water. Plants are on clearance as well.

8. Do the fun summer activity you loved to do as a kid. You are still a kid at heart.

9. Play with sidewalk chalk.(Also on sale)

10, Take an evening walk.

11. Eat an ice cream cone.

12. Catch fireflies.

13. Pitch a tent and sleep out side.

14. Eat dinner out doors.

15. Play in the yard with your children.

16. Walk at lunch.

17. Lather up the sunscreen and lay in the sun.

18. Read a great book OUTSIDE.

19. Do a summer activity you always wanted to try.

20. Relax and enjoy each and every day Summer has to offer.

What will you do to enjoy these last four weeks of summer?

Monday's Course In Miracles

        When you want only love you will see nothing else. ACIM

Watch On Wednesday; Life's Retests

Sometimes we don't learn the lesson the first time and the same issue shows up again and again.  I like  to think of them as retests and an opportunity to learn.


When was the last time you had a retest?

Monday' s Course In Miracles

Change but your ind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly. ACIM

A Hiatus

Hello friends,

Last week I posted this picture on my Instagram.

I gave myself a day. It was glorious.

I realized yesterday, that one day just wasn't going to do it.

Thus I will be on a one week hiatus from the interwebs.

I will be back on August 15th.

I invite you to take a break as well.

Give yourself a slice of summer.

Many Blessings,


Feng Shui Friday: The Clutter Within

There are random piles in my office.
The dishes are not getting done.
Laundry is piling up.
Garden flowers are wilting in thirst.
Papers are overflowing.

I am off of my game.

I understand the negative effects that clutter can have on your psyche.


The clutter of my life is invading fast and furiously.

I could tackle it all.

But in a few days it would be back.

I know this because the outward clutter is a symbol of my inside clutter.

Yes outer order brings inner calm. However sometimes outer chaos means inner chaos.

The cure for that.


I took a day off and found my slice of heaven where tourists don't visit.

I cleaned my inner clutter.

invite you to try it.

Give yourself time to relax.

Life will wait while you regroup.

And then you will be ready to tackle the outside clutter!

Many Blessings,



Watch on Wednesday: Stop Looking For Your Life Purpose

 We have been taught that there is some big life purpose out there for us to find.

Truth is, there isn't anything out there to be found.

I hope you enjoy this week's video.

Monday's Course In Miracles

God is not the author of your fears. You are. ACIM.